My family has a tradition that I feel many share. Before eating we will go around the table and give reasons we are Thankful. Throughout the years my family and extended family has grown substantially, yet still, before the turkey everyone will give thanks.

In the spirit of giving thanks on Thanksgiving we would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read Cubs chat. Being new to the blogosphere we take pride in providing quality content and informed opinions that help generate good discussion about everything Cubs! Without everyone of you who reads the blog it would be a fruitless exercise–Thank You!

Okay, so let’s have some fun with   this. Let’s sit around the metaphorical “Cubs fan dinner table ” and say one reason we are thankful for our Cubbies today. It can be anything. Baseball related, family related, anything…as long as it pertains to the Cubs. I’ll go first. Yesterday we listed 5 reasons to be thankful for Theo. So today I’ll go the sentimental route.

I’m thankful for Cubs baseball because it is something I get to share with my family. My grandfather loved the Cubs, my father and I have countless memories discussing the players he grew up watching and me pretending to be Ryne Sandberg as he pitched to me in the backyard. My brother and I have countless Cubs conversations and all of us cousins get together each season for games. Cubs baseball is more than baseball- it’s lifelong memories.

With that, I now get to share those memories and make new ones with my incredible wife and beautiful 16 month old daughter. My daughter didn’t know why, but during the playoff run this season she would smile and laugh every time daddy screamed or cheered at the TV. It was special, and what is most special is that my Father has those memories with me, his father with him, and so on. It’s more than baseball with the Chicago Cubs. It’s family. It’s life. It’s tradition! 

 Let us know why you are thankful for The Cubs and what makes them special to you..

Most importantly, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!