The first pitching domino has fallen in free agency as JA Happ returns to a Blue Jays organization that he spent a little over 2 seasons with before being traded a winter ago to the Mariners.

Happ exceeded expectations for the Pittsburgh Pirates after being dealt at the trade deadline last season and will look to continue that success after signing a contract for $36 million over 3 years. 

This has a ripple effect on the Cubs as it sets the market for that fringe 2nd tier/3rd tier pitcher. If Happ were to have signed with the Cubs for the same contract I would have concerns not over the AAV, but the 3 seasons. He seemed like a good Hammel-type deal to me of 2 seasons with a team option.

That said, seeing Happ get 3/36 doesn’t shift the landscape much in my opinion. If anything it validates a potential 4/65 for Shark as that’s one additional season and 5 more annually. 

As things begin to heat up leading up to The Winter Meetings on December 7th we will keep you up to date on any signings that may effect the Cubs here at Cubs Chat. 
What do you think of the Blue Jays signing of JA Happ?