Well, David Price is off the market. If you have been following our take at CubsChat we are not at all surprised that Price is not a Cub. Actually, I am glad to see Price sign elsewhere. Not because I don’t like him, but because I like Theo Epsteins vision more. And Theo Epsteins vision does not include 2, 35 year old pitchers making nearly 60 million combined when it’s time to extend our core players. That is how bad things happen. On to the tweets from Cubs fans 

@msgoddessrises hopes we go get Greinke

@pfief5 thinks a lot like me…way too much money.

@illiniwiley asks if it’s now Greinke or bust?

@owens006 says that time will tell if not beating out Red Sox was best move.

@apoplectic_Cub wonders if this will open the flood gates in free agency

We will have an in-depth piece on why it didn’t make sense for the Cubs to go after Price, especially at that cost, coming up. 

The Cubs starting pitching is not in need of an absolute top-notch ace, rather a “second” #2. Of the 4 teams playing in the Championship Series this past postseason, the Cubs had the greatest WARP between their top 2 pitchers of those teams with 12.3 between Lester and Arrieta. 

For now take a look at some trade options the Cubs may have available (or make your own) and put on your seat belts, the offseason is officially in high-gear!