The non-tender deadline passed last night and as we posted in the rumor thread yesterday, the Cubs came to agreements on deals with Rex Brothers and Clayton Richard, while tendering contracts to 6 additional players. Those players were:

The Cubs did not tender a contract to Ryan Cook or Jack Leathersich.

This was not a surprise by any means. The Cubs can still work towards a long-term contract or a one-year deal to avoid arbitration with each player.

The projected salaries for 2016 are in parenthesis next to each player. Theo Epstein is not a fan of going to arbitration with players as it can get ugly. The Cubs and Pedro Strop were on the doorstep of an arbitration hearing when the Cubs were able to come to terms last February. Look for the Cubs to come to terms on 1-year deals with each of the players listed other than perhaps one.

And that one would be Jake Arrieta. He will certainly be of the most interest to the fans as the offseason continues and teams begin to come to terms with tendered players. . After winning the cy young award this year, he will be set for a hefty raise. Most projections have him making around 10-11 million on a one-year deal. That is still massive value as David Price recently signed a deal that will pay him over 30 million a year and the NL cy-young runner-up, Zack Greinke may be getting closer to $35 million a year.

The Cubs and Jake Arrieta have a mutual interest in a long-term extension, however if Greinke lands that type of deal at 32 I am concerned that Boras and Arrieta may hold off for free agency as opposed to reaching an extension now.

Around the league there were quite a few non-tender contracts and those players are now officially free agents. So to cap, I thought we could have some fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting names that were non-tendered yesterday. Would you swipe left and not look into signing one of these newly-available players  or swipe right and offer a contract if you were a GM? Let us know in the comments:


The Cubs have already done a terrific job in addressing their bullpen depth in a cost-effective way via free agency, trade, and waiver claims this offseason. Of the players non-tendered, however, Greg Holland is interesting. He will undergo Tommy John surgery this offseason and likely be out for the season but he is a top-notch closer in the game if he is healthy. Do the Cubs look at this as an opportunity to find value with a 2-year contract with some major incentives in year 2?

We still will Rondon through arbitration in 2017 and 2018 and if Holland can come back at 100% that may give the Cubs one of the best 8th and 9th innings combos at a massive value cost wise.

Alright! Now the non-tender deadline has passed, David Price is off the market, trades have already been pouring in. With the Winter Meetings less than a week away, it’s time to make some moves! We’ll have the rumor thread up and be updating throughout the day. Hopefully we see some action coming out of Wrigleyville!