We are here. The Winter Meetings have finally kicked off and news is aplenty already coming out of Nashville, TN.

The Chicago Cubs will be extremely busy this week as they seek out a cost-controlled starter, a centerfielder that will improve OF defense and contact rate, and perhaps a top-end closer. We will break this down into 2 different categories on the thread, CUBS NEWS and MLB NEWS. Hopefully this helps readers when reviewing information as it comes pouring in. Let’s get to it:

Cubs News:


  • Cubs have interest in Kevin Gausman of the Orioles, according to reports. Baltimore interested in Baez or Soler. Gausman may not be the flashiest name floating around, but he is certainly effective. He will be just 25 when next season begins and last season had the peripherals that match up to a very successful starter. Last year he struck out more than 8 per 9 innings while walking less than 3 per 9. His WHIP was 1.228.  He is very likely a breakout candidate this season and is not arbitration eligible until 2017, making him controlled through 2020.
  • Peter Gammons Reports on MLB Tonight that Chris Archer, thought to be unavailable, is available for the “right deal”. Our own Robert Killen discussed this possibility last night and proposed a trade that may make sense for both ballclubs.
  • Cubs bring back Trevor Cahill on 1 year, 4.25 million deal, according to reports. Will that be the additional bullpen arm or the starter arm Cubs have talked about needing?


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MLB News:



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