• Cubs and Yankees are nearing a deal that would send Castro to the Yankees. This will make a ton of sense if it goes down. Gardner not rumored to be part of deal, so this may be the move that allows Cubs to sign Heyward.

4:30 PM

  • According to Jon Morosi, Justin Upton and the Angels are having ongoing discussions on deal. This would be good news for Cubs as it may remove the Angels from the sweepstakes for Jason Heyward.
  • The Rangers are reportedly “surveying” the field on a Prince Fielder move.
  • The Rangers may jump into the trade market for pitching.
  • The Giants are reportedly interested in recently posted P Kenta Maeda.
  • The Pirates are showing interest in RHP Kyle Kendrick.
  • The Cubs officially announced probably the biggest steal so far in free agency with the signing of John Lackey becoming official.  The Deal is 2 years and 32 million dollars. Well below the market for a pitcher of his caliber this offseason.
  • The Nationals and Shawn Kelley deal may of been a little premature. Not the report is that there is no deal finalized and Mariners and Diamondbacks are still in it, though Nationals are still favorites.
  • Zobrist is reportedly going to discuss his options with his wife(smart man) and then come to a decision on where to play next season. It was reported that he may have a 4 year, 80 million dollar on the table. Wow.

1:22 PM

  • Jonathan Lucroy may be a candidate to be moved, per reports.
  • Ken Rosenthal reports that rival execs indicate Marlins haven’t offered any trade reasonable enough to believe they are serious about moving Jose Fernandez
  • If Marlins are serious about moving Fernandez, these appear to be teams who may jump in and make a move.
  • Dodgers may have some damage control on hand with their pursuit of Aroldis Chapman. According to reports, current team closer Kenley Jansen is crushed by the attempted move.
  • The MLB AARP group are beginning to make some noise at the meetings. Joe Nathan, Hedeki Okajima, Johan Santana, and Cliff Lee are all reported to be searching for  place to play next season.
  • GM’s are reporting the Cardinals are the reason for lack of moves so far. Heyward is the domino that has to fall for the rest to follow.

11:45 AM

  • Jayson Stark reports that a “mystery team” is making a big push to put a deal together Jose Fernandez. Diamondbacks, maybe?
  • Johan Santana’s agent is trying to convince team that the lefty’s arm is “fresh”.
  • In an earlier reported deal, the Washington Nationals have signed reliever Shawn Kelley.
  • Also—there was a “tweet” from “Ken Rosenthal” that reported a Jason Heyward signing with Cardinals that made it’s way through the internet. Don’t always believe what you see. The account was fake. Twitter can be REALLY good and REALLY bad sometimes, so be sure you verify before posting…or just follow cubschat.com and we will take care of that for ya!

10:50 AM

  • Cubs no longer in mix for Shelby Miller, according to Ken Rosenthal.
  • Diamondbacks appear to have moved on from Shelby Miller as well. It seems as the teams are thinking along the lines as we have stated here. Shelby Miller is a nice piece, but his peripherals and projections do not appear to be that of a potential ace, which is the type of player you would expect for the Braves reported asking price.
  • Kenta Maeda will be formally posted today. It is believed that it will be an open posting of $20 million dollars and any team that posts the amount can negotiate. Once Maeda signs with a club, any team that posted the negotiation asking price and did not sign Maeda will be refunded their 20 million dollars, while the team that signs Maeda will forfeit their posting fee to the Hiroshima Carp in addition to whatever the team agrees to pay Maeda.
  • The Cardinals and Padres agreed to a deal for Jedd Gyorko for Jon Jay. This seems like a precursor to me. Would not be surprised to see Kolten Wong or Matt Carpenter moved in a deal by the Cardinals now for pitching.

Original Post:::

Well, rumors are coming out full-force already today with the rumor that the Chicago Cubs are focused on Jason Heyward. This doesn’t surprise us here at CubsChat. We have been discussing how Heyward is the likely top target of this front office for sometime and fits perfectly into the Cubs lineup based on need and age. Signing Heyward was also one of  our 3 predictions for the Cubs at the Winter Meetings.

In fact, our perfect winter piece almost a month ago indicated a trade with Braves for pitching and signing Heyward would be a perfect fit. Which leads us to our next rumor.

On the pitching front there are conflicting reports that a Shelby Miller, Javier Baez trade happened over night. Keith Law doesn’t seem too convinced. However, Chicago Sun-times reported that a deal is close.

Yesterday’s big trade of Aroldis Chapman to the Dodgers was put on hold after Chapman reportedly choked his girlfriend and shot off his gun some 8 times.

Reds Presidend of Baseball Operations, Walt Jockety, indicated that the trade is not dead but may take a few weeks to finally be completed.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Chapman also may have injured his hand in the alleged domestic abuse situation. Adding injury to insult.

Buster Olney reports that the Marlins have gone from a 1% chance of moving Fernandez to closer to 40%. Indicating the return they can get may be too much to pass on.

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