Here we go fans! The whole day was extremely slow and then, BOOM! Cubs made some moves as did others. Here’s a quick look at what we know so far:

  • The Cubs signed Ben Zobrist for 4 years @ $56M. This equates to about $14M a year and probably get both the Mets and Nationals scrambling for another player!
  • Shortly after we learned that the Cubs traded Starlin Castro to the Yankees for Adam Warren and a player to be named later. We wish for Castro to be an All-Star with the Yankees so that the player coming back is better than usual.
  • We then learned that Shelby Miller was acquired by the D’backs. This will officially end the Miller to the Cubs rumors and makes the Indians and Rays more compatible if we are to make any more trades for that cost controlled impact arm.

Some fans will be extremely disappointed with the Castro return. Here at Cubs Chat we talked about how low Castro’s value was around the league. He just wasn’t in the long term plans and this move was more about shedding his contract to hopefully make more moves.

Stay tuned for any more moves made tonight. Ok, breathe folks….

UPDATE: The player to be named later has been named. It’s utility man Brendan Ryan.