Today we thought we might try something a little new. Just about all fans know the players on the Chicago Cubs. But all of these guys started their careers in the minors. They all have their own stories. It might be nice for us to get to know some of these guys. So from time to time, we are going to help folks get to know an interesting prospect that you might not know.

Dylan is a good ole boy from the Peach State of Georgia. He was born on December 28, 1995 which makes him a ripe old age of 20. He’s about 6’1″ tall weighing about 175 lbs. He is a right-hander that some say looks a bit like Roy Oswalt who had some great years with Houston back in the early 2000’s. The comp may fit as far as body style but there are some differences.

Cease had his ticket punched by the Chicago Cubs in the 6th round of the 2014 draft. The kid had an electric arm and was throwing high 90’s with his fastball. It was widely believed that Cease would have been a no doubt 1st round pick but suffered a torn UCL ligament in his elbow. The injury would require Tommy John surgery and his draft status suffered because of the injury.

He had a commitment to pitch for Vanderbilt so the Cubs had to pony up $1.5M for a 6th round pick to convince him to bypass college. Shortly after the signing, Dylan went under the knife and had his surgery. This was a total lottery ticket type move by the Cubs and gave Cease a little insurance money in case things just didn’t work out. Both sides seemed to find a safe place to go forward.

He came back to finally pitch for the Cubs last year. The Cubs put the reigns on him and limited the amount of throwing he did. But Cease was putting smiles on the faces of those that saw him by hitting 100 mph on the radar gun consistently! The work that Dylan did to recover from surgery was showing results. Everyone had to be pleased with the progress and had to be hopeful for the future.

Last fall the Cubs chose Dylan Cease to participate in the Arizona Fall League. This league is usually reserved for the very best prospects of each club participating. Many of the prospects playing in this league are propelled up the ladder of development. Many of these kids make their MLB debut within 2 years after appearing in the AFL. Both Kris Bryant and Addison Russell played in the AFL.

While his big arm was throwing BB’s up to the plate at about 99 mph, he still didn’t have much command of his secondary pitches. Nonetheless, he impressed and was named the 2nd best prospect in the league! This coming after only throwing 24 innings in his rookie campaign following the surgery. This lottery ticket was looking a whole lot better.

After all the excitement with the Cubs last year in the playoffs and the huge deals that went down this Winter, not many folks were talking about Dylan Cease. That all changed for many scouts that were in attendance to see him pitch this Spring. Most scouts had Cease sitting at 98 mph consistently and the kid snapped off some of the nastiest curveballs seen in a while. His changeup still left something to be desired but there was no doubt that the buzz around town cried out the name DYLAN CEASE!

The Cubs decided to keep Cease in Arizona after most players were assigned to their minor league teams all around the country. It is believed this was just another precaution to keep Dylan throwing where the weather was ideal. We expect to see him pitching for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans soon. We also think the Cubs will release the reigns and let this stallion loose.

We are really excited to see what the future holds for this young right hander. You may want to keep an eye on him as a potential replacement for guys on the big league squad in a few short years. As the Cubs decide what to do with the staff in Chicago, you have to think a guy like Dylan Cease is making Theo and Jed smile.