Bijan Rademacher was born June 15, 1991 (24 years old) in Santa Ana, California. He is currently listed at 6’0″ and about 200 lbs. He throws and bats left-handed and can play all 3 OF spots but probably profiles to be a corner outfielder. He was drafted in the same draft as Albert Almora in 2012 but Rademacher didn’t get his name called until the 13th round. He was drafted from Orange Coast College in Coasta Mesa, California.

Although Bijan is listed as a left hander, many folks might not realize that he can also throw with his right hand. It’s just something he did naturally as a small boy. In college his was a pitcher that topped out at 95 mph but could also hit the radar gun with his right arm around 88 mph. In fact, a lot of clubs out there were scouting him to be a pitcher.

Theo and Jed tend to draft a lot of college bats. And many of these guys drafted in the later rounds tend to produce high results in the lower levels. Their experience outshines the younger competition. We saw this with Rademacher as well. It was his bat that showed impressive results and he worked his way up the ladder each year.

Unfortunately, for many of these late round draft choices, the production tends to slack off when moving up the ladder and the prospects start to face stiffer competition. This just hasn’t been the case for Rademacher. We’ve seen him get his promotion and then have a short adjustment period. Eventually he seems to figure things out and becomes one of the teams most consistent hitters. Then the whole process starts over with another promotion.

The rubber hits the road for many prospects when the make the jump from high A ball to double A ball. Prospects making the jump to double A Tennessee for the Cubs should be considered a legitimate prospect with a chance to make it to the show. But this could also be the point that many guys tend to go no further. It’s the first real test for many prospects with baseball gifts. Everyone at this level has gifts and therefore must out work the competition.

Bijan Rademacher made this jump for the first time last year. He spent the entire year with the Smokies and held his own. He had a line of .261/.379/.370. These numbers aren’t bad but aren’t the type of numbers that really get you noticed. What really did stand out was that he had a walk rate of 15.5% and a strike out rate of only 13.9%. In short this tells us that he just doesn’t swing at bad pitches and when he does swing, he tends to get the bat on the ball. Evidence of this shows up with his BABIP which stood at .302 for 2015.

The Cubs decided to assign Rademacher back at Tennessee this year. He’s now 24 years old and it may be time to see what he can do with another year of experience. So far this year the results are impressive. His current line of .294/.473/.515 put him smack in the middle of the teams best hitters. Then you sprinkle in his walk rate of 24.2% to lead the team and see that he maintained his low strikeout rate of only 14.4%.

Rademmacher projects out to be a solid 4th outfielder that can play the corners. It will be his bat that carries him as far as he can go. Don’t try to run on him because he has a strong accurate arm that can get you embarrassed if you try to take an extra base. As the year goes on, we look for him to get the call to Iowa mid year. He is now approaching 600 AB’s at Tennessee and he has proven he can play with the best at the AA level.

We should probably see Bijan at Spring Training next year and wouldn’t be surprised if he received an invite to participate in the Arizona Fall League this year. If the bat continues to show that he can hit, a possible ETA to the show might be sometime in late 2017.

Good Luck Bijan. We’ll be watching closely!