Well here we are folks. The Cubs have now lost 7 of the last 11 games and some fans are ready to jump out windows. The sky is falling. We are sure that the Illuminati are in control of the Cubs destiny and will never let us win again! Twitter is ablaze with Cub fans talking of the apocalypse starting. Com’on folks. Get a hold of yourself.

It’s a very long season. It’s filled with ups and downs. Drama is all part of it. The Cubs are still the best team in baseball with a .690 win percentage and have a 29-13 record. At one point of the season the Cubs were 25-6 (.806 win percentage). That would have them on pace to win 130 games. Does anyone really think this team was going to win 130 games? Really?

In the same vain. The Cubs currently are 4-7 (.364 win percentage) in the last 11 games. If that winning percentage were to continue, the Cubs would only win about 44 more games out of the next 120 games! That means the Cubs end the year with a 73-89 record! Is that realistic? Really?

The truth about the 2016 team is that we are probably somewhere in the middle of winning 73 games or 130 games. The average of those two extremes is about 102 games. Is that realistic? Really?

Which brings us to our next point. We really need to be careful of making knee jerk reactions to the day to day happenings of this team. The most recent talk of trades is pretty alarming. Jorge Soler has been this year’s red headed step child of the Chicago Cubs. It’s understandable when a player struggles for fans to get concerned.

After last year’s playoff performance, many Cubs fans were ready to anoint Jorge Soler into the Hall of Fame. Is this realistic? Really? And now the kid is struggling and some fans are ready to run him out of town for a box of Ramen noodles. Is that realistic? Really?

Again, the truth about Jorge Soler is that he is probably somewhere in the middle. The kid is extremely young and has a huge amount of potential. We should see marked improvement in Soler’s production as he gains experience. It’s just natural. The Cubs also have the benefit of Joe Maddon being known to use young players in situations where they have a high liklihood  of success. They also have an advantage of still being able to win while a player “finds himself.”

This brings us to the media and social networks. Over the weekend, Jason Heyward made a spectacular play to save what would have surely been a triple to Denard Span. Unfortunately, Hayward was also injured on the play. Then we see Julie DiCaro of 670 The Score radio tweet this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.33.27 PM

We’re not really sure that Heyward could have prevented an injury on that play. It was a bang bang play and it was probably impossible to know exactly what would happen over the next 1.5 seconds after the catch. But that one tweet led to this exchange between DiCaro and ESPN’s David Kaplan:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.43.39 PM.png

Again we ask. Is this realistic? Really?

We understand that DiCaro thinks Heyward should have pulled up and let that ball drop for the triple and thus preventing an injury. But then we surely would have heard the screams of a guy that just signed a $184/M contract that doesn’t go all out on every play. Both comments are knee jerk reactions. It’s easy to sit back and judge events after the fact.

It’s all part of the drama people! It’s what makes us keep coming back to watch the games on television. It’s what makes us buy the tickets, acquire the t-shirts, read the blogs and listen to sports radio!

Here’s the bottom line folks. ENJOY THE RIDE! If we get to wound up about a player, a game or even a single play within any game, we miss the larger picture. The Cubs are an extremely good team. Take it all in.

Alright, let’s go beat up on some redbirds!

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